7018 Orizaba Ave.

El Paso, TX 79912



  At El Paso Super Kids Learning Center: Each child is assigned to his/her classroom depending upon age and developmental level. A specific curriculum has been designed for each age group. Information about the day's activities is posted in each classroom.

  • 10 months to 23 months
  • 2 year olds
  • Preschool for 3 year olds
  • Preschool for 4 year olds
  • School Age Children, Kindergarten to 13 years old

Classroom Transition

Criteria including chronological age, social and emotional development are established in each classroom. When your child is ready for an older group, you will be advised as to when your child can be expected to change rooms.

Classroom Environment

Classrooms are clean and safe. Children are placed in groups by age and developmental level. Your child will have the opportunity to play and learn with a variety of toys and equipment such as blocks, dolls, play-dough, and musical instruments. Children will also enjoy a selection of learning materials. Children will work and play together in small groups in their rooms. Parties will be planned for special holidays. Each child will be recognized on his/her birthday with a special card from his/her teacher and classmates.

Christian Faith and Prayer

We provide care to children from families of various backgrounds and beliefs. El Paso Super Kids Learning Center teaches Bible stories to the children and praying before meals is part of our daily activities. Children are taught to love and respect for others.